Every one is very good and serves always fresh food. All Restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and are in easy walking distance from everywhere on Contadora.


Fonda Clarita

Local food, daily lunch special, fish, chicken and beef.
Downtown, close to the Police Station.


Duty Free/Mi Kiosk

Local food, daily lunch special and hamburger.
Downtown, at the corner.


Rincon Romantico

Daily special lunch menu, full evening menu, pizza, meat and fish. Next to the Police Station.


Restaurant Gerald´s

German owned and run restaurant, german dishes plus local fish, meat, pizza and pasta. At the Villa’s/Airport.


Restaurant Romantica

Sea view, breakfast, lunch, dinner and large choice.
Near to the church, at Playa Cacique.


Restaurant Punta Galéon

Open all day, sea view, swimming pool and large choice.
Playa Galéon.



Isla Contadora has 3 Supermarkets within 50 yds of each other down town. Duty Free/Mi Kiosk, Mini Super Blandy and Domingo's All carry a good supply of  food from fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, bread, eggs, water, beer, wine, liquor, frozen meats etc. For fish you will have to go fishing or go to a restaurant.